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Scholarship Recipients SY 2010 – 2011

Prep – Elementary School

This school year, there are 26 children enrolled in the DLA supported by the Scholarship Program, double from SY 2009 – 2010 where only 13 children were recipients. Names are as follows:

1.   Agapay, John Vincent Gr 2 16. Hayag, Mark Jason Gr 5
2.   Almendral, Liezil Gr 6 17. Hayag, Sarah Mae Gr 2
3.   Almendral, Marvin Gr 5 18  Hayag, Van Hallen Gr 3
4.   Calim, Daisylyn Gr 3 19. Hernandez, Brian Zamwell Gr 3
5.   Calungin, Angela Rose Gr 3 20. Hernandez, Robee Marinell Gr 4
6.   Calungin, Jhean Marie Gr 2 21. Martinez, John Michael Gr 1
7.   Calungin, Lawrence John Gr 2 22. Perez, Michael Collin Gr 2
8.   Cernito, Jessa Prep 23. Perez, Nico Glenn Gr 4
9.   Cernito, Juvelyn Gr 2 24. Relao, Cristy Gr 2
10. Consorte, Patirck Gr 3 25. Relao, Jerome Gr 2
11. Dacua, Kassanda Luke Gr 6 26. Yala, John Paul Prep
12. Dacua, Keith Vance Gr 4
13. Gervacio, Carl Japheth Gr 5
14. Gervacio, Jezreel Simon Gr 3
15. Gervacio, Jeremiah Prep

SCCD-DLA Scholars SY 2010 -m2011


High School

For three years in a row now, Jomer Millana is sponsored by the program with the CWA as donor.


There are two college students this year who are recipients of the AAEC (Asian American Ecumenical Church, USA) College scholarship grant.  This sister church of SCCD has provided support to young people for five years now with one already a professional Civil Engineer, Rylene Naty.

  1. Aiza Naty
  2. Princess Mabbatung

Our Piano Scholars include:

  1. Mischelle Quezon
  2. Sheila Cortez
  3. siblings Van Hallen and Sarah Hayag
  4. siblings Sarah Fauni and Daniellie Fauni
  5. Robee Hernandez
  6. Erich Tumbaga
  7. Paolo Dakis
  8. Krsitel Joy Fauni
  9. Cherlene Sapida who is under the tutelage of Ms. Andrimel Crisostomo and Ms. Myrna Chan.