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Scholarship Recipients SY 2012 – 2013


Taking off in 2008, the Scholarship Program has now 25 children enrolled in the DLA, two high school, two college students and six piano scholars as follows:


Grade 1

  1. Rosheal Calungin
  2. Ashley Fauni

Grade 2

  1. Princess Nicole Estares
  2. Jericho Martinez
  3. Shaina Matro

Grade 3

  1. Fauni, Alyssa
  2. Michael Almendral
  3. Jessa Cernito
  4. Jeremiah Gervacio
  5. Jeshidy Tamparong
  6. John Paolo Tabing

Grade 4

  1. John Michael Martinez
Grade 5

  1. Jhean Marie Calungin
  2. Ralph Patrick Consorte
  3. Sarah Mae Hayag
  4. Cristy Relao
  5. Jerome Relao
  6. John Wayne Tamparong

Grade 6

  1. Daisylyn Calim
  2. Angela Rose Calungin
  3. John Laurence Calungin
  4. Jovelyn Cernito
  5. Jezreel Simon Gervacio
  6. Van Hallen Hayag
  7. Brian Zamwell Hernandez


Of these 26 children in the DLA, 8 came from the outreaches, 6 are children of church workers while the rest are children of church members.  SCCD was blessed with co-dream sojourners being sponsors, SCCD sister church UCC Holmdel in New Jersey, USA support 2 children’s education:

High School

  1. Liezl Almendral
  2. Marvin Almendral


  1. 3rd year College – Avin Matro
  2. 3rd year College – Nicole Frani


These college students receive scholarship grants from sister church AAEC (Asian American Ecumenical Church) and the Hayag couple in the USA support the Hayag students.  A back-to-back scholarship program for college students is the educational loan payable when already employed after graduation.

On Piano Lesson Scholars

  1. Sarah Fauni                      3rd year college
  2. Daniellie Fauni                  2nd year high school
  3. Van Hallen Hayag             Grade 5, DLA
  4. Sarah Mae Hayag             Grade 4, DLA
  5. Robee Hernandez           Grade 6 DLA
  6. Gene Paulo Dakis            2nd year High School
  7. Dorothy Mantilla               Graduate, BSN La Salle (not scholar, enrolled to Piano Yes)

These 6 scholars are enrolled in the Conference initiated program “Piano Yes!” which started last year under the tutelage of Bro. Rey del Rosario, music worker of UCCP Anabu.  The goal of this program is to produce a steady supply of accompanists in church worship and eventually choir directors. Support comes from generous individuals whose dream is for SCCD to live up to her being known as “a singing church” all for the glory of God!

**Anyone may contribute gifts according to the measure of one’s faith towards this program.  Any amount of donation is welcome!