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CEN Month Events – Sep 2011



September 4 – CEN and Children’s Sunday

Teachers’ Offertory Number
Liturgists: Kids
Introduction/Unveiling of Wailing Wall

September 10Children’s Festival – UTS at 8AM

September 11UCM and CWA Sunday

Anthem and Offertory Music
Promotion of CWA and UCM Ministries

September 18CYAF and CYF Sunday

Preacher: Rev. Perfecto Gianan
Liturgists and Offertory Music
10 minutes video presentation of CYAF and CYF Ministries

September 24Teachers’ Empowerment Program II

UCCP Anabu at 8Am

September 25FAMILY SUNDAY (Fellowship of the least coin)

After worship service:
Family Treasure Hunt
– Family Fellowship c/o BCE / SS and Outreach Teachers (potbless and bring family food, delicacies for sharing)
– Distribution of Prayer partners from Wailing Wall
TEACHERS’ Workshop at 4PM
– Curriculum review for October: Elder Juliet Dayrit
– Input on Art Appreciation: Sis. Jhem Fauni on How to Promote CE

Sunday School and Outreach TEACHERS, Board of Christian Education to PROMOTE CHRISTIAN EDUCATION and NURTURE MONTH. On Sep 4, 2011, being the CE Sunday, all CE volunteers and workers will advance the message of education and nurture. Children and elders will serve as liturgist declaring the goodness of God in our lives. Christian Education is the continuing process of enabling Christians individually and in community to know God’s love, to worship God and to have a basic understanding of commitment to the mission of Jesus in the world.

CE Month Celebration set for September. September has always been observed by the whole UCCP as Christian Education and Nurture Month.  Hence, this will not be a local activity only but conference wide programs are expected to happen within the month like the yearly Kids Fellowship at Union Theological Seminary which will be on Sep 11, 2011. Locally, SCCD has set the 1st Sunday(Sep 4, 2011) as the CEN Sunday putting at the limelight the Sunday school teachers. The Sunday school and Outreach teachers will be commissioned on this day during worship time.

CHILDREN’S FESTIVAL. A day of fun, games and children’s fellowship at Union Theological Seminary will be held on Sep 11, 2011. Some 400 kids from 42 churches of LCSMC (Lowland Cavite South Manila Conference) are expected to come and enjoy this day of fun and surprises. Children’s festival has been running for over 10 years in appreciation of Children’s development and nurture.

CYAF Team Building and Outing at Lucban Quezon. Young Leaders will meet together on Sep 17, 2011 at Lucban for a team building, enhancing teamwork and building each other in love and unity. This continuing energy and active participation of Young Adults to the ministry brought inspiration to the CYF and budding leaders.

ONE DAY WAGE for the LORD. As a way of offering ourselves as living sacrifice, holy unto the Lord, let us set aside a day’s amount of wage or earnings we receive from God and give this back heartily on either Sep 18 or 25, 2011.  In this way we are able to participate even indirectly for the wider ministry of the church.  A portion of the total collection shall go to LCSMC.

Youth and CYAF Sunday is on Sep 18, 2011, Christian Youth Fellowship will lead the worship and message of hope will be delivered by Rev. Perfecto Gianan.  Let us continue to pray for these budding leaders of the Church.

Songleader           –  Mischelle Quezon
Liturgist                –  Ms. Anjell Samonte and Teena Saquilayan
Offertory Music  –  CYAF & CYF Choir
Ushers                    –  CYAF and CYF members

TEACHERS EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM  (TEP) II. Teachers Empowerment Program II of the LCSMC will be held at UCCP Anabu on Sep 24, 2011. Teachers of around 42 churches of the LCSMC will focus on the CEN month curriculum and input on “the Learners” to fully appreciate and understand the teaching system for kids. Training for Sunday School Teachers will be echoed to our SCCD Teachers during the Teachers’ Workshop Sunday after LCSMC training.