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Seven Creative Ways to Pray as a Family

What can your family do to incorporate prayer into daily life? Consider these creative ideas from mom and author Mary DeMuth:

Embrace technology.

We live in a digital age, and our family has learned the value of technology in praying with, and for, one another—using e-mail, text messaging, and even social networking sites. I’ve e-mailed my petitions for my kids to them: they’ve texted their requests, and I’ve responded with specific prayers. When I travel, we pray together over the phone. And when they write to me on Facebook about their stress, I intercede for them in the message back.

And yet, turn it off.

Prayer is often put on the back burner because of our media-saturated lives. Create a safe zone in your home and a period of time where you fully disconnect from television, music, the Internet, and general computer usage. In that quiet, sacred space, encourage your kids to listen to God—the other side of prayer we often don’t practice. Spend time as a family voicing concerns, joys, and needs together in the quiet. Consider walking in your neighborhood park as another way to unplug from the world and plug into God’s heart.

Record your prayers.

When my children were younger, we used a blackboard to keep track of prayer requests and how God answered them. With colored chalk, I divided the board into three sections: date, request, and answer. We took turns sharing our requests; then one of us would write down the date and the need. As God specifically answered our prayers, we’d log the date and how He answered. Other ideas: You can record prayers on a dry erase board in the kitchen or dining room—or jot them in a family journal or simple notebook kept in a basket on your dinner table. Tracking God’s activity, no matter what form it takes, strengthens your kids’ faith and deepens their resolve to communicate with Him.

Draw a name.

Each week (or month), have everyone draw another family member’s name. During the designated period of time, pray for that person.

Listen, then act.

In this crazy world where a cacophony of voices vie for your kids’ attention, what they really want is your listening ear. Stop, listen, and strive to hear their hearts. As they share frustrations or worries, pray for them in the moment. Don’t just promise you’ll do so.

Turn highs and lows into a springboard.

We share our ups and downs around the dinner table every night. Why not take conversation a step further by using those highs and lows as a springboard for prayer after the meal? Pray for the person on your left or right, or across from you for variety.

Visit a prayer room together.

Many churches and ministries offer prayer rooms—sacred spaces where you can experience different aspects of praying. These are often are highly creative, allowing for musical expression, artistic response, a global view of the church, and ways to repent and intercede. Research online to find a prayer room near you.

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