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Teen Cartoons


PARENTING TEENS (not a job for cowards)

Communication is the key…













Teens live by GRACE and so do I!!














A father’s words of WISDOM!













Whattup Dawg?














Mother’s Day planning!















To provoke or NOT to provoke…..that’s the question!














We love you so0000 much, but….















You are grounded!!!!




























Mother’s provoking…















Room management – at least break a trail!!















In a minute Mom……















Greet each other with a Holy Whattup Dawg!!!















The Lord’s Road Warriors!














Cyber Ministries!















Always be READY ’cause you’ll never know when the Lord will RETURN. It can be NOW.















Teen assimilated!















Music Portal! Really, when you hear the sounds, the words will play on your mind! Be aware, Satan will use this excuse to let you play the lyrics over and over in your mind!















And now, the Fashion Statement…Taattooss!















The snow-tire attire!















And finally, a pastor counselling a Teen!