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Thank God Wala Na akong Trabaho

by William Besario

“… and they asked each other, records apostle Mark 16:3, “Who will roll the stone away from the entrance of the tomb?”

Such is also my question when I was offered to sign a renewal contract from my previous job. If I don’t renew my contract, will I still have three equal meals in a day? Where will I get money to pay for my electric bills? Who will supply my soap to sustain my laundry and hygiene?

The job that I rejected to renew is a contract equaled to a wage that encloses fascinating salary for an ordinary Filipino worker. It offers longer hours of overtime (one to sawa as they call). The job starts seven in the morning, time out is three or four times, though oftentimes it not always. Rest day falls on a Wednesday, making my Sunday a work day, also no more Thursday Bible Study at that, not even a prayer meeting.

I thank God for turning days quickly as I expected to formally quit and lose the job by ending the contract and do the exit the way I wanted. Thank God for giving me courage to decline the management’s offer of renewing my contract.

Let me then pen-point my two reasons why I am grateful of losing such luring opportunity.

  • It TAMPERS my good health my Creator have gifted me. Many times I work awake in the warehouse twenty-two or twenty-three hours getting only a quick sleep of two hours which I can’t even call it a nap. By the way, logically we don’t have lunch break in our work. Though we are of course allowed to eat our lunch for 30 min., we then go back to our post. It’s actually a straight time basis, no dead hour.
  • It HAMPERS my relationship with God. Oh I’m sorry to be bold but out of my tiring work I mostly sleep without a prayer anymore. Much more than that as mentioned, Wednesday is my day off, hence needless to say I wasn’t any longer able to attend Sunday worship plus the skipping of the Thursday Bible Study.

Thank God wala na akong work! Where then will I get money to feed my stomach? (who will roll the stone?) Very well, the answer is clear and is written immediately in the next verse Mark 16:4, “but when they look up, they saw that the stone, which was very large, has been rolled away.”

Being jobless these days, called critical times, is likened to a big stone. Where will I get my support to buy food and basic needs? But yes I only need to raise myself to God in prayers. By faith I will live on and each fine morning I look up seeing all the question marks in my life already melted and rolled away. I give it up to the Lord and pray for a job that will not tamper and hamper my life with Him. Having nothing to worry for the payment of my bills and groceries, I am with the perfect certainty that our God is a very rich God! I stand in His promise that, “though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed, says the Lord who has compassion on you” (Isaiah 54:10).