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The Road to Life at Its Best

Key Scripture: Proverbs 4:10-13

I. Introduction: Life is like a road, and each person’s route is unique. Sometimes, the road is difficult, demanding, and even dangerous. Other times, it looks easy. However, one fact is certain—somewhere along the way, we’ll all experience obstacles, dissappointments, heartaches, and pain. No one’s path is perfect. In fact, the Lord never guaranteed us lives of ease and comfort, but He has promised to guide us every step of the way. Each of us must choose to submit to His guidance.

II. Who should guide us?

A. Jesus Christ is our faithful guide because He is “the way, the truth, and the life” (John 14:6). He’s willing to guide anyone who wants to be led. We sometimes resist because His path includes hardship and pain. But even though the road is rough, the Lord promises to work it all out for our good (Rom. 8:28).

B. We shouldn’t follow the advice of others or our own preferences. If we choose to do so rather than follow the Lord, there will be consequences.

III. What will help us follow the right road?

A. Clear minds. To let the Lord guide us, we must be able to think clearly, and that requires clean hearts. The world clouds our perception, but when our hearts are pure, God gives us His discernment.

B. Balanced schedules. We must recognize the Lord’s right to guide us in our daily activities. His wisdom and direction are available every day if we take time to listen.

C. Each day, we must make time for:

i. Private morning devotions. We should begin the day by reading God’s Word and talking with Him in prayer.

ii. Work. Instead of grumbling, we should thank the Lord for our jobs and do our best at them.

iii. Rest. It’s important we get enough sleep.

iv. Relationships. We should make family and friends a priority.

v. Finances. Being wise stewards means we must check on them daily.

vi. Personal fitness. We should make time for healthy meals and exercise.

vii. Leisure time. We must be careful not to let television fill our minds with the world’s beliefs.

D. Healthy bodies. Since our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, we have a responsibiliy to care for them. Although illness is a part of life and cannot always be avoided, we should try to be healthy so we can accomplish all God has planned.

E. Good relationships. Since our relationships influence what we think and do, it’s important to let the Lord direct us in choosing friends. If we neglect His guidance, the people we associate with may lead us to make foolish choices. Good friends will:

i. Encourage us to persevere.

ii. Motivate us to do our best.

iii. Energize us to tackle difficult assignments.

iv. Comfort us in times of suffering or difficulty.

v. Defend us when others accuse or attack.

vi. Love us for who we are and seeks nothing in return.

vii. Accept us unconditionally.

viii. Be patient with us when we don’t understand.

ix. Serve us when we need help.

x. Forgive us when we make mistakes.

xi. Confront us when we’re headed in the wrong direction.

xii. Treat us with kindness.

F. The courage to trust and obey God. Trust and obedience are the way to experience life at its best. They are essential because the Lord will ask us to do something that appears unreasonable or causes pain. If we courageously follow Him, God will take care of all the consequences of our obedience. Obeying the Father’s challenging assignments always results in greater blessings and rewards than we can imagine—both here and in heaven.

G. We never lose when we’re obedient because God will do amazing things in our lives. We will:

i. Go where we’ve never been.

ii. Do what we’ve never done.

iii. Give more than you have ever given.

iv. Surrender what we’ve held tightly.

v. Love those we’ve never loved.

vi. Forgive those we’ve failed to forgive.

vii. Trust God in ways we’ve never trusted Him before.

viii. Become what we’ve never been.

IV. Conclusion: Traveling with Jesus Christ as your guide is the way to experience life at its best. It begins when you accept Him as your Savior and continues all to eternity. Along the way, you’ll learn to surrender your life, hear His voice, follow His lead, and watch Him work in ways that will amaze you. No matter where you are at this point in your journey, it’s never too late to start following Christ.

(By Dr. Charles Stanley. Copyright 2013 In Touch Ministries, Inc. All rights reserved. www.intouch.org.)