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We are Complete In Christ

“You have everything when you have Christ, and you are filled with God through your union with Christ.” (Colossians 2:10 LB)

Consumed by feelings of inadequacy and low self esteem, many people spend a great deal of time and money searching for fulfillment.

Our fulfillment is in the person of Jesus Christ. Paul wrote, “Ye are complete in Him” (v 10). There is nothing to be added. We possess everything in Him.

Being filled with His fullness gives our life potential. It is deposited to our life-account for our use. This potential then becomes our life-power. Paul said, “For to me to live is Christ” (Philippians 1:21).

His completeness now becomes our completeness. We are sufficient in His All-sufficiency. It has been said that all of God is available to those who make themselves available to all there is to God. It is available, but we must appropriate if for our souls.

When I am filled with the fullness of Christ, I am filled with the fullness of His love. This gives me the power to love the unlovely, those whom I cannot possibly love on my own.

I remember a woman I could not love, She had an intense hatred for me. One day I asked God to give me His love for her, and He did. It was such a special relationship. My love for her is so real. She recognized that I loved her even though she didn’t deserve it. One day when I called on her she said to her husband, “Millie really does love me. “Is there someone you can’t love? God can give you His love for that person.

When we are filled with the fullness of Christ we are filled with the fullness of His patience,  I am an impatient person and often I have to draw on His patience. One time I was traveling in Nova Scotia, speaking in different cities. Three times, one night after another, my luggage didn’t arrive. One person who met me at the airport told someone late, “Millie didn’t even get upset. I wondered if I should get upset for her.”

When we filled with the fullness of Christ we are filled with the fullness of His strength. His peace, His all. “Christ is all, and in all” (Colossians 3:11). Nothing can be added to all. Nothing can be added to the completeness of fullness we have in Him.

The fullness of Christ in me! Incredible! But True!

(Be Still..by Millie Stamm)