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Wisdom and God’s Will

Heavenly Father, may I be filled with the clear knowledge of Your will in all wisdom and understanding. I know that Your will and Your Word agree I will continue to meditate in Your Word so I can know Your plan and Your purpose for this season in my life. I want to live in a way that is worthy of You and fully pleasing to You.  I believer You will cause my thoughts to agree with Your will so that I may be fruitful in every good work.

Your wisdom is pure and full of compassion. I ask You that I may develop in love. I can be strong in faith. Your words contain a wealth of wisdom.

As for this situation today, I thank You for Your wisdom in knowing the right thing to do and to say. I decided to listen to You. Teach me the way that You want me to go. Thank You for counseling me and watching carefully over me. Thank You for the Holy ‘Spirit; He is my Teacher, Helper, and Guide. I believe He is active in my life.

I won’t be afraid or confused because Your Word brings me light and understanding. Although there are many voices in the world, I will follow the voice of my Shepherd.

Thank You for the wise parents, teachers, and pastors You have put in my life. They are people whom You can use to teach and instruct me. I will seek godly counsel from them. When I need to make an important, final decision, I will follow the peace that comes from knowing Your Word.

I dedicate everything I do to You knowing that my plans will succeed. I will trust You with my life and everything in it. I thank You that to follow after You is to follow after peace in my heart. I thank You for Your wisdom.

In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

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