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Youth Camp – May 2011


Held on May 23-27, 2011 at Sycip Retreat House, Malabag Silang Cavite with the Theme: MYX Making You Xtra-ordinary, Your Choice, Your Talent, God’s Ministry. Some 39 young people who joined the camp with 10 camp counselors, 7 staff and adult companions.











Youth Camp “MYX” Photos

Campfires and Talents Night Photos




Youth Camper Testimony

“Making Me Xtraordinary”

by Nicole Frani

Games, fun, new friends and words of God all in one, can such a place exist? In a world where computer games, PSP’s and other modern gadgets capture the attention of the youth today, is there still a place where we can experience new things, enjoy games, meet new friends and still be able to study and be enlightened by God’s word?

The answer would definitely be YES! Last May 23-27, 2011, the Youth Camp 2011 MYX(Making You Xtraordinary) was held in Mataas na Burol, Malabag,Silang. With 39 participating youth, 12 counselors and staffs and two supervising church pastors.

The camp was started by a game called “name game” where we learned to trust other people and most importantly God. After the game we started the house rules discussion, groupings and tent making. It was then followed by the evening worship where we sang songs for God.

In camp we were able to get back to the time of childhood: playing Palarong Pinoy was great, joined group dynamics, flag making, bible study, amazing race, pick ahh, and was visited by some Serenity residents who enlightened us about addiction.

During the camp we also had Bible study, morning and evening devotions, Biblico Theological Reflections (BTR’s) that was lead by chosen speakers and Pastors. We were also informed about the different ministries a youth can join in the church. On that same day we also became aware of the growing environmental problems by the treasure hunt activity headed by the counselors and staffs. I even heard a co-camper said “madaling magtapon, mahirap maglinis”.

The last night of the camp was one of the highlights of the camp. Every youth was there to see the camp fire, sing songs, play games, and perform the cheer and yell the groups had prepared. We were awake until midnight enjoying the games and company. On the last day of the camp we packed up our things and continued to the awarding of the groups and proceeded to the closing ceremony. Each and every youth that joined this year’s camp had surely not only gained lessons about life on being responsible, disciplined, faithful and friendly, but also had experienced spiritual growth.



(Audio Bible: The Word in Modern Times)

by: Julienne Jeremy Reyes

In the beginning, there were Dead Sea Scrolls, scrolls which was just a small spec in history that eventually became the reason why it came to be. It was the first and foremost, the primary reference of The Holy Bible we have in hand. The Holy Bible, as we know it today, covered with leather in its new physical appearance with letters printed on thin papers, comes handy and convenient. But its journey took a big leap when it transformed from that long, old scrolls to its Techy Version, a portable talking Bible.

Last May of this year, our Church conducted Summer Camps for the youth and for the children. The use of the Audio Bible is a big part of this camp. The counsellors and staffs found it functional for idle times when they have finished an activity ahead of time. It had been a big help to the whole Camp for it never failed in its amazing explanations. The most common time of use of the Audio Bible is during the night when all the Campers are told to take a rest. The facilitators listen to it for spiritual nurturing and for a deeper enlightenment to their group’s devotion for the following day. Some of them enjoy it for its talking feature and you can really feel the essence and the emotions for a certain verse.

The Audio Bible is also known as the Proclaimer. It looks like a traditional radio- of about 7 inches in length, 4 inches high and 2.5 inches thick, and black in color. The Proclaimer is solar powered and is also rechargeable. A gear can be found on its right side which you’re supposed to turn when shifting to different Books of the Bible or from a certain verse to another. It is a talking Bible that speaks exactly of what is written (in Tagalog), preaching then afterwards. Let Faith come not just by hearing but also by living. Praise the Lord and thanks to the Philippine Christian Bible Society.


Many Thanks to the following donors for this year’s KIDS and YOUTH CAMP

  • Ising ang Boying Hayag
  • Volet Tirona Jardiniano
  • Raymond Fauni
  • CYAF members